I was listening to the song “White Flag” by Chris Tomlin on my way home tonight. The pre-chorus goes “we’re laying down our weapons now.” That got my mind racing. What are our weapons? Could it be a literal weapon? And who is our enemy?

And then the Chorus hit me, “we wave our white flags, we surrender all to you, we wave our white flags, the war is over, love has come, Your love has won.” The enemy we use those weapons against is God. Why else would we need to be surrendering to Him? I think too often we think about how our sin is against God’s will and how it’s something we shouldn’t do, but we view it as a harm to ourself. What I thought about tonight, and probably have before without the language to put to it, is that we use this sin as a weapon against God. All of our pride, lust, anger, theft, lies, etc are weapons we have forged to attack God.

When we do these things, we don’t realize the statement we are making. If we know what we are doing is sin, then we are telling God, “the way you have called us to live is foolish.” We take the actions we are committing (or omitting) and use them as a specific revolt, we are waging war against a specific way of living that God has set as beneficial to all.

Our anger is war against the goal of loving our neighbors and enemies.

Our pride is war against the goal of serving others before ourselves.

Our lust is war against the beauty and sanctity of each individual and the dignity they possess as a child of God.

Our theft is war against the idea that God will provide what we need and plays into the pride that somehow we are entitled or deserve something as well as harming our neighbors.

Our lies are war against the ability to live peaceably with others around us by building up walls of dishonesty.

Our literal weapons against our fellow man are a war against the idea that Jesus came to save all and that we are to serve others beyond the same concept of forgiveness that unbelievers have, but love them until they are perfect.

Our sins are a war we choose to wage against God. Our apathy towards what we know we are doing is shot fired towards the Almighty and we need to reconsider what side of the war we want to be on. I believe God to be a merciful God who makes room where we fail to see His grace for others. However, I think we need to realize that while we should be hopeful that God has mercy on others, that we know that judgment comes for ourselves. It is not enough to say, “Yes, God, we are on your side” while still fighting him. Instead, we must relinquish the weapons we have used against God. We must be reconditioned, transformed into a type of people that surrender to God and allow His view to overtake ours.

There is a concept that says “God became man so man could become God.” This is not to say that we become a god, but that we learn to take on the characteristics and nature of God in our actions. In order to become like God, we must forfeit all that is against His will. 

Long rambling? Yeah…but I needed to get it out there.


Your thoughts?

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