On homosexuality and the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had…

Sad to see christians thinking buying a product shows their faith. We’ve bought into the idea of consumerism more than the idea of love. Whether you agree or disagree with gay marriage isn’t the point, the point comes down to the idea of love. 

If you love those who are gay as Christ has commanded us to love all of our neighbors, then why would you go out of your way to to buy something in a way that shows nothing but vindictive motives. It does not show support for traditional marriage, it shows support for a marketing campaign while reinforcing the idea that Christianity support bigotry.

If you are opposed to the message said by a man when asked about his view on the issue, remember first that he is a man before he is a COO of ChickFilA. Whether you agree with his stance does not help those who are employees of ChickFilA, especially those who are both Christian and gay. I do know some of these and they hold conflict within themselves, not over the fact of being gay. But of being accepted neither by a large portion of Christians or the gay community.

When will we abandon these tactics that purposefully seek to divide? I’m a follower of Jesus and that means I must love all. Straight/Gay/Lesbian/Transgendered/Celibate EVERYONE. I must love Republicans and Democrats. Christians/Jews/Muslims/Atheists/Hindus. I must love Buckeye Fans and Wolverine Fans. Browns and Steelers Fans. The love of the servant king is not concerned with popular opinion, socio-political stigma, or anything else. It concerns itself with loving all neighbors.


Your thoughts?

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