It’s been almost a week…

…but there is good reason. It’s been a busy week. No, seriously, I promise!

Over the weekend, I was blessed to spend time with the church youth group at a weekend retreat. Man, I missed those while I was gone. While I stopped at a few during the year I was away and co-led music this past winter at another, there’s something different about the individual relational growth that is able to happen. There was definitely a moving of God’s spirit across the youth and the leaders (who I feel lucky to count myself among). Brokenness and healing seem to always go hand in hand. Its one thing to be broken, it is another to admit it. That is something that I feel this youth group is actually somewhat effective in conveying. Cara’s leadership is phenomenal in this.

Besides the weekend with the youth, I’ve spent time working on a few projects for school. Spring break? Yes. Work break? Eh.

Song that is currently spinning around my mind = Kristian Stanfill – Always