Exciting Day

Wednesday – 45 days

In a few hours, I am going to get LASIK on my eyes. Looking forward to a return to not needing glasses or contacts. Looking forward to not needing to consider the activities I do in advance based upon what vision enhancer I’m using. No longer worrying about how allergies affect what I’m wearing. So, excited!
Tuesday – 46 days

Today, was a long and interesting day. Loved the conversations I had with some folks in my political science senior seminar class in regards to the nature of government and the approaches taken by the Christian Right or Left. Loving this book we are reading (whether I agree with the guy or not). There could be more discussion on this topic later.

ps – Jenna made cupcakes for a leap day celebration at her student-teaching school. They had green icing and she used marshmallows and licorice to make a frog face. Looking forward to eating mine.


Your thoughts?

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