Again? (49)

I’ve been pushing the idea of starting another blog/journal/whatever you want to call it again. When Xanga first came out, I wrote at least every day. I explored the questions of my faith and my world view, reviewed my day, but mainly celebrated success or complained of failures with girls.

In the past 6+ years, my world has changed. I no longer I play in a punk or hardcore band. I don’t have much to complain about when it comes to girls, though I am all about celebrating the joys of my relationship with my amazing girlfriend, Jenna. I have re-entered college and I am a year away from graduating with a degree in Social Work. I have also found a passion for the teachings of Jesus.

While I grew up in a Christian home, was raised going to church, and knew the stories of the Bible I never quite grasped the magnitude of what it meant to follow Christ (not that I actually “get it” now). I went through my own reformation and found that Jesus was not begging people for a One-On-One relationship; Jesus was asking that those who claim to love God also love all of those around them. It blew my mind. Christianity is not about my own personal salvation? To discover that our relationship with God is mutually tied to our relationship with others.

This blog may not be something that makes sense to most people, in fact, it doesn’t quite make sense to me either. I’m still unsure of my purpose. I had been struggling to decide what to give up or take on for the season of Lent. I came to the conclusion that I would both give up and take something on at the same time. There is a darkness inside of me that leads me to thoughts of objectification of females, my sisters created in the image of God. I have decided that in my time of striving to give this up, I would also take on the goal of writing to take place of the void in my mind. Much like drug addicts and alcoholics need to find something to take the place of the time used for alcohol and drugs, I will use this blog and the required thought process planning to aid in my cleansing.

Through the entirety of Lent, I will blog once a day (and I will add on for the 2 days that I have missed while still trying to decide). I know that Lent is traditionally viewed as 40 days, not including Sundays. For my purposes, I will include Sundays in my count of days of Lent. With all of that said, here is to the remembrance of Christ and his 40 days in the desert and the temptations that he encountered.

49 more days of writing, 47 until the celebration of the Risen King.


Your thoughts?

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